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From the provocative Louis XV to the timeless Victorian, Panesar has always been known for our luxury classic designs.

Over the years we have expanded our range of designs to include styles such as the Spanish influenced 'Art Deco' to the ultra minimalistic 'Scandinavian Design'

Every Panesar design is tailored to our clients specific taste, and with our interior design team we ensure that ambience of your interior matches with your lifestyle.

Schedule a private consultation with our design experts and transform your idea into a timeless one-of-a-kind collection.

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The delicate art of joinery is a balance between precision and master craftsmanship. Joining pieces of wood, reading the different grains and finished to create the illusion of an entire seamless piece has become, for us, a science

We have designed thousands of one-of-a-kind entrance ways, doors, bars, ceilings and fireplaces and its with this experience that we understand that attention to every detail and impeccable perfection make quality joinery.

This is why at Panesar we can confidently state that our joinery team is second to none.

Schedule a private consultation with our design experts and transform your concept into a work of inspiration.

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Whether designing a kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom, the key is the fundamentals; function, space, engineering, installation and finish.

Every project begins with a private consultation with our design lead who listens and learns about your spatial requirements. The team will then create options based in their learnings to reflect your functionality and style. With the lastest 3D technology our team will walk you through the space before any production has started

Schedule a private consultation with our design experts and be a part of bringing your ideas to life.

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Entrance ways and doors

An entrance to a home or office is the most important part of your structure. It invites your guests in to a space and is the introduction to your interior.

By combining the different elements with stained glass, resin panels or one-of-kind hand-carvings, at Panesar your selection is beyond the ordinary. All dimensions can be customized and you can choose a design from our collections, or you can simply draw your idea with our team and we will bring your custom design to life.

Anything you can imagine, we will create.

All our doors can be fire rated to international standards.

Schedule a private consultation with our design experts and let us build an awe-inspiring entrance to compilement your interior.

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Interior Design

Luxury residential or corporate interiors, we have the experience and expertise to support you through this creative journey.

The project begins with a private session with our head design lead, Vir Panesar. With only imagination to limit your selection, you can choose a style from any era, culture or style and we will bring the design to life in realistic 3D render.

Interior design and architecture requires a close attention to detail; scale and proportion combined with functionality and harmony are key to design an elegant yet inviting interior.

Schedule a private consultation with Vir to discuss how your concept can become a reality.

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