So, this year we aim to provide space owners with the latest trend setting methods to make your interiors even more appealing. You’d be surprised that even a small change to the ambiance to the room can make all the difference.

Fabric Trends

Fabrics that shout fabulous

Plain is out, pretty and charming is in… so suit up your new digs with some serious patterns. The best part; even your favorite couch doesn’t need to be thrown out, bring it in, and we’ll give her the lift she needs and you’ll spoilt for choice with our unparalleled range of fabrics.

Furniture Trends


There is a particular warmth and style that brass can give a room, whether your interiors are traditional classic or modern contemporary. Brass is this year’s metallic finish of choice; its subtle shimmer and golden hue will create an unforgettable ambiance and as it oxidizes it only look better


When one thinks of Paris, they immediately imagine art, culture, food and style. Style being, perhaps the most prominent description, and we couldn’t agree more. This year, we advise that no room is complete with a traditional classic piece; Say goodbye to straight lines and precision form and ensure you glamour up your home with some Louis XIV flair this year.

Interior Trends


Using elements that help filter natural light can make all the difference to the lighting in your room. Filtered natural light will make a room feel bright, more spacious and fill it with emotion… better yet, it will make your day.

Man Cave

Get your husband involved by giving him a space of his own, obviously under supervision, but let him run with it and see what he can create, you may be surprised. Getting your better half to involve himself in the interior of your home, will make your home feel like his as well, as well as give you a project you can both work on… together.

Textured Walls

The versatility of paint and wall coverings has come along way from the 1970’s pick and yellow polka dot era. Today with a wide variety of textures, prints, finishing’s and colors – your home can change its fashion regularly and affordably.